Fashion Motivational and Style Guide 

Fashion & Style Motivational Guide

Fashion Motivational Guide building self confidence to look and fell your best in your clothes. Teaching you how to properly dress for your body type. With a list of your go to pieces with images.  


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What TeeNistas have to say about the guide

 Tee's Style and Motivation Guide is an amazing resource! Not only does Tee explain how to best dress for your body type, more importantly she inspires you to step into your own self-love and worthiness. Tee entertainingly explains that looking and feeling your best isn't all about the clothes you wear - it's about how you feel from the inside out. Tee inspires you to select fashionable choices to complement and enhance your natural features to further bring out your inner beauty and radiance. She does this by explaining an inclusive variety of body types and gives examples of each item of clothing to create your own show stopping ensembles. It's definitely a must buy!

Camille Aragon